Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure

As I've said before, I didn't discover the bliss that is Baby Einstein until Charlie came along and I had two kids to entertain while I did my daily 'chores', made dinner, occasionally while I sat and knitted (okay, more than occasionally, but who's really counting?)

The bigger collection I amass, the more I'm amazed at how they just don't get old for either kid. The newest release, World Animal Adventure, is a big hit at our house. After we were given a copy of World Music by MomCentral to test, I not only filled out the survey, but personally emailed to see if I could please, please, please get a review copy of the World Animal Adventure because World Music was so fantastic it even captured the attention of the six year old boy I was baby-sitting.

The World Animal Adventure also has a new feature of a second "mode". It's a little more advanced so an older toddler or pre-schooler will get even more out of the video. Silly puppet shows, a great soundtrack and animals seen in their natural habitat create a well-rounded presentation.

I love that the Baby Einstein line is taking their mission of early childhood education to the level of exposing kids to not only new sights, sounds and shapes but then attaching those sights, sounds, costumes, instruments, etc to the region of the world in which they will most likely be found. Most kids won't get to travel to Australia to see Koala Bears or Asia to see a Panda, but exposing them at an early age to what's 'out there' is something I really value.

Charlie, as you can see, is enthralled by the whole DVD series. He can be having the most off of days, but then that big caterpillar rolls across the screen and gives a little wink of encouragement saying "I know big guy, I'll make it alllll riiight" (Okay, that sounds a little pervy, but whatever); He's a goner.

I love having the compromise of allowing myself the freedom to either interact with he and H while they watch one, or to get my own work done while not feeling like I'm abandoning them to electronic media that could warp them.

I remember when I first saw that the Baby Einstein DVD's were marketed to infants from birth forward (depending on subject) I felt a little bit vindicated that it was a product line that definitely targeted the educated crowd, yet was still bucking the system that said "ZERO TV until 2 years of age!"

Like anything in parenting, there is such a broad spectrum of what 'tv time' means. Do you sit your baby in the Bumbo in front of Goodfellas? Hopefully not. But what harm can some Sesame Street or other pre-school/educational TV do so that mama can get dinner on the table?

As I was typing the above two paragraphs, I clicked over to the Baby Einstein link and saw that they've been addressing this very topic. In fact, a Harvard study on the topic of infant television was recently conducted and found, in part, that it's not harmful for infants to view TV but that content does matter.

And because you can't get a post without a little bit of snark...I love that they're not movies, they're 'Electronic Board Books' which, when said with a snotty British accent while telling other parents what my kids 'watch/read' makes me feel really superior...and I like it.

Please note that I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Baby Einstein and received a World Animal Adventure DVD to facilitate my candid review.

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