Thursday, December 18, 2008

Safeway PowerPump

Growing up in a small town, new construction was always big doin's. When they announced the impending arrival of a new Safeway, it was certainly the talk of the town. While we already had a Safeway at the other end of the main drag, it was older and was slated to be torn down, with the property being sold and a beautiful new library built in it's place. The new one would be larger and have gas pumps and Starbucks! We knew we had arrived when there was a 'bucks looming on our horizon.

Being at the age where cruising (not commuting) was our activity du jour, having sufficient gas was of the utmost concern. Being able to afford it went hand-in-hand. When Safeway's gas came to town, you could get a certain amount off each gallon when you used your Safeway card.

Fast forward to today, when running around checking off your to-do list and scurrying your kids from one activity to the next uses almost as much gas as when you turned up the volume on Best of Bass volume 12 and drove up and down Adams Ave with reckless abandon, and the search for gas discounts is still there.

Safeway is currently running a promotion on their PowerPump rewards through December 25th, so that shoppers can earn double points. For every $100 you spend on gift cards, you earn an additional gift. They have gift cards for stores from Starbucks to Home Depot; sure to fulfill the needs of everyone on your list. While there is a constant debate about the etiquette of giving gift cards, I know that I love receiving them so that I can save for the next big thing. I've found that a great use for them, is if you're making the same gift for several people and just need something to augment them. (i.e. Making a gift for your child's teacher and then adding a $10 Starbucks card.)

While there is not a Safeway near my home in Mass, I'll be home for the holidays and will be sure to stop in and earn free gas for the drive back to P-town when we fly out. Each purchase you make, will help earn more gas discounts when you use your club card so that it can be tracked.

Happy Shopping!

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