Thursday, December 25, 2008

My M&M's

Christmas at our house is steeped in tradition. From the annual waffle feed at which the extended family gathers on Christmas Eve, to the stockings filled to the gills with kitch-y fun, we are a people of structure and routine.

For as long as I can remember the girls in by family, Big and Little, have presented my father with very predictable gifts; Large bags of M&M's (one peanut, one regular) and jumbo-sized bottles of Old Spice. One year, we all got together and decided that we would try to think outside the box and give Daddy something unexpected to open on the big day.

Always gracious, he opened his gifts and thanked us all. It wasn't until later that we realized he counted on those gifts for his supply and didn't have anymore Old Spice. Sometimes, it's okay to be predictable.

Mars' M&M's have now given us the option to shake things up a bit on the same old, same can personalize the M&M's that you give! When I got the email from MomCentral about the chance to spread the word about this fun option for the holiday season, I emailed back as soon as it hit my inbox, with a passionate plea about the love my dad has for his favorite chocolate-y treat. I was able to pick my own colors and personalize it with a short message from the grandkids. (You can also put a photo on the M&M's but I wasn't placing the order from my home computer.)

At $14.95 per bag, it's not the cheapest option for a bag 'o' candy for the stocking, but it's a fun treat for the M&M lover who can truly appreciate it. When we receive the candy, I'll post a picture of the enjoyment en masse.

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