Monday, July 13, 2009

There's a Moon in my Room!

After one too many nights of a pre-schooler in my bed, I was desperate to find a reward that would make him stay in the bed in that one room in the house otherwise known as his bedroom. When I was sitting for a friend, her son had this nightlight in his room and I asked him about it. He was very eager to show me all the things it could do by remote control. Yep. This nightlight is the size of an average wall clock and can either be turned on to a full moon, or through each of the phases. I really like it so far, and lo and behold, the child has slept in his own bed for two nights in a row! A great feature is that it turns off automatically after a couple of hours so that batteries will last longer. I just let H keep the remote on his headboard, and he's come to get me once in the night to help him turn it back on, but at least it's not on all night...

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