Friday, March 20, 2009

Neo to Go!

I was asked by MomCentral and Neosporin to try out NEOSPORIN® + Pain Relief Ointment, NEOSPORIN® + Pain Relief Cream, and the newly available NEOSPORIN® NEO TO GO!® First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Spray. I received full-sized testers of all three on the very day that it was warm enough to hit the parks...perfect timing!

I popped the Neo to Go! in my diaper bag, after doing a couple test squirts on my ring finger, which has recently decided to be sensitive to my wedding year itch? It sprays on easily and isn't greasy.

That day, while reaching for the plastic wrap from the cupboard, I sliced my palm on the corner of the serrated cutting edge. Ouch! I remembered that I'd been given samples of the new formulas that contain pain relief, and dabbed on some of the cream formula before putting a band-aid over my tender little paw. It really did help, and I liked that it wasn't greasy. However, keeping a band-aid on your palm is just not meant to happen, so I ended up using the cream formula several times a day for the next couple of days like a lotion and my cut healed really hindsight, I should have taken some pictures.

Later that night (seriously, was the receipt of this gift a portend for danger?) Henry was putting on his monkey back-pack...okay, it's a harness...when he pinched his naked tummy in the plastic clasp. I thought it was just a pinch, but he'd actually torn the skin of his little fish-belly, so I tried out the ointment this time. It may have been psychological, or just the calming effects that are often imbued with a crayon-shaped band-aid, but when I asked him about ten minutes later if it felt better, he had to be reminded what he should be feeling better about.

I used the ointment in conjunction with hydrocortisone for the next couple days on my ring finger and the rash cleared up...until I slipped my ring back on. Hmmm...maybe it's just my body's way of asking for that upgrade.
Because the majority of cuts, scrapes and other child-hood wounds are treated in order to soothe and relieve pain, I'm glad that I'll be armed with the Neo to Go for the playgrounds this summer...I just hope I don't have to use them too often.

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