Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to the (Windows Mobile) Jungle

Just the other day, I was talking to J about what people would think if they came to visit us from, say, 1890. When you visit an English-speaking foreign country, there are bound to be words that are familiar, but do not mean the same thing.

Imagine the puzzled looks on their faces if we were talking about Blackjack, Blackberry, Palm, Apple and then pulled out our smartphones and started tapping away. I am definitely a pen and paper girl, so hesitated to get an electronic organizer. In fact, as part of J's residency they were all given a nice Palm, but he already had guess who got his?...yep, me.

After about 6 months of being unused, one of his classmates lost theirs and mine was passed on to them. Fast forward another 6 months and I was tired of getting the last slot at the doctor's office because I had to go home to check my schedule before making my next appointment, and bringing my big kitchen calendar to the planning meeting for my mom's group? Not so hip looking.

For mother's day, I asked for the most basic version of the Palm, the z22, so that I could try it for a year to see if I really use it or not. And use it, I do. It has been the most amazing tool! I input J's work schedule, the kids' doctor appointments, book club, movie nights, meetings, family outings; all color-coded and tres legible (as opposed to the tiny square on the calendar being scratched out and written over).

Now, I'm lusting over the newest iPhone, the Palm Treo and my friends' Blackberries. Described as "your own personal command center" Windows Mobile takes all of the features people love about their smartphones that extra step further by allowing them to download software that lets the user access their same old email accounts, view text and voicemail from their PC, use multiple windows functions or even just play games...choose your poison. And when I say games, I'm not talking solitaire, they have a version of Guitar Hero for Windows Mobile!

For my 30th this summer, I'll be asking for a smartphone...and then look out Slash, I'll be right on your tail!

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